New Blog Design + Social Media+ Updates!

I hope you’re having a fantastic week. ❤ Today, I have some great news to share!!

The last few months have been so crazy for me that blogging really took the back burner for a while. It was throughout most of the fall that I would occasionally write something, but the priority just wasn’t there. I knew a hiatus was the right thing to do, because most of those days, there wasn’t enough time or energy left for even just an update, so it wasn’t enjoyable for me anymore, at least for the time. While I never took an official “break” from posting at that time, I certainly felt disconnected from the community, and from my own site, as well.

However, today’s post is a small celebration of a shift motivation. I’m at the point now where I can post consistently, which I’m truly excited about! I am going to be posting a wider range of content, and to mark this change I have not only updated my layout, but also my blog description. My blog will no longer be limited to beauty posts. I won’t lie it will probably still be predominantly beauty post, but it will now include anything I am interested in writing about trips, food, hobbies etc.

I have removed all of my old posts, I just didn’t feel good about a lot of what I posted (low-quality photos, rushed posts and inconsistent rating system.)and since this is my re-motivated, revamped blog I figured I may as well give my self a chance to love everything I post with a fresh start!

Now for the social media updates! I just started some new things, firstly a Facebook page for this blog! I am super excited and hope to connect with everyone I can on Facebook! It should be fun!

My Facebook page (Canadian Girl Blogging)

  • Thank you so much to all of those who have supported me so far in my blogging journey ❤

My Instagram Account (@CanadianGirlBlogging)

  • This is more of a look into my life, my Instagram will be more for posting things at the moment and more for posting things you may not see on the blog or behind the scenes❤

My Twitter Account (@Simply_Mellie)

  • This is not new, but I have started to use it more frequently ❤

I am super excited about this fresh start! New content will start Monday! In the meantime, I will be working on tweaking the layout just to fine-tune it before the official first post on the launch of Canadian Girl Blogging!



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