Love It or Lose It: Essence Volume & Stylist Lash Extension Mascara

When I first saw this mascara I knew I had to buy it. Lash fibres, 18-hour wear and under $5, seemed way to go to pass over.I’ve used it since about last month and I think I am finally ready to pass judgement.

This mascara has fibres in it, you can definitely see them in the close-up shot.
I have to say, I have had it for over a month and the formula has thickened up a lot. It was almost like water at first so I definitely prefer it thicker.
PROS: It is really lengthening, I love how black it is. I was a bit skeptical about the applicator, it has an oval shape, bigger in the middle,but with a bit of practice as able to make it work well foe me. It It lasted a full 8 hour shift and is easy to remove.

CONS: I like that it has fibres but it might be a problem if you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts as they might fall into your eyes, although is never happened to me. You can not wear just one layer, the fibers will look patchy and uneven wich is not great if you are in a rush. I find i have to clean the want every few application or it can be very clumpy, bit this is pretty minor. Essence mascaras in general usually dry out quicker but for that price I really don’t care and it’s good practice to have a fresh one frequently anyways.

Lasting power: 8/10 it lasted my full shift but not 18 hours. Still better than some of my higher cost ones.

Price point: 10/10 under $5 for a mascara even at the drugstore is great!

Ease of application: 6/10 the wand and fibre clumpiness were the hardest things for me as I found got worse near the end of the month.

Cruelty-free: Yes

Love it or Lose it: Love it but won’t be re-buying it. Overall this was a hit for the price, but I have 7 other mascara tubes to use so I not in need of replacing it.

Do you have any mascaras you love?



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