Foreo Luna Fofo … Worth it?

Hello Everyone!

So I know this post is long overdue, but I can honestly say I was on the fence about writing it for a long time. I guess I just decided to go ahead and do it. Now if you have read a couple of my old blog posts before the revamp you may remember I get the Fab Fit Fun box.

In my previous Fab Fit Fun box (summer edition) they advertised that they were going to gifting all subscribers with the Foreo Luna FOFO, the newest of the Foreo products with a cool new feature! They also teased that It would be worth $89.00 USD at Sephora (A great deal when you thank the box is $49.99 USD).

So what is the Foreo Luna Fofo?

It is a compact battery operated, silicone facial cleansing brush with Bluetooth technology. They come in a range of colours and everyone was given a colour at random. I received mine in the brightest pink shade, which I will not complain about.


Now about that cool new feature, I mentioned earlier. The brush is Bluetooth compatible and it has its own little app that tells you the age of your skin. It takes into consideration the moisture levels on your skin and is supposed to help you build a cleansing routine to help your skin.

-Review time-

The brush I love. I have crazy sensitive skin, so the silicone is not abrasive and helps me to get a deeper clean then I would normally get with just my hands. The device its self is small, lightweight and super quiet.  I can honestly my skin does feel quite clean after using this.

The app I dislike, I used it twice and haven’t touched it since. I find it interesting, but its extra time I don’t want to spend messing around with an app and I am going, to be honest, I am not changing up my routine with how sensitive my skin is and how finicky it can be.

Overall I would give it an 8/10 As I said I love the brush and seeing as the only feature I could careless for doesn’t actually affect the brush’s ability to do what I need it so I don’t see a reason to complain there. I can honestly say though I would not spend $89 USD on this brush as the main marketing was for the Bluetooth. If you don’t want the Bluetooth features just opt for the cheaper version without it, as the brush is amazing! However, if you are into that kind of thing this brush may be perfect for you!


Have you tried the Foreo Luna Fofo?

What did you think?

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