D.I.Y. Makeup Remover Wipes

Hello, Beauties,

With my whole challenge of wanting to become cruelty-free and trying to find new products that work well for me, I have discovered one of my biggest expenses is a silly one. Makeup remover wipes for at home.

Now I will be the first to admit that I am lazy. When I get home from work late at night I just want to crawl in bed. Now I know better than that and I make sure I take off my makeup first. I am guilty however of just grabbing my makeup remover wipes and using them until my face is “clean”.  Now if I have on a full face of makeup (eyeliner, foundation, lipstick) I will average about 3 makeup wipes to make sure it all off before going to sleep.  My makeup wipes cost $10 Canadian for a pack of 30, so this habit gets expensive fast.  Also, it is just plain wasteful.  While I do know I will still need makeup remover wipes for my overnight bag, there had to be a better way for at home.

Now I am excited to share my DIY version with you.

The first thing I did was go to my local winners and grab $18 in supplies (don’t worry this is initially more expensive, but it is much cheaper in the long run.)

here is what I bought

3x 5 pack baby facecloth $2.99 each

1x Glass Jar with Lid $3.99 each

1x Sensitive skin cucumber micellar water

Now I recommend laundering the facecloths to make sure they are free of any dust or residue.

Now the baby facecloths are small and thinner like makeup wipes so I just fold them in half and place them in the jar. next, I add just enough micellar water to the jar that the wipes are saturated, In my case, it took about 1/4 of the micellar water. I seal up the jar and keep it on my counter to easy access at night.

I have been using these for the past week and I can honestly say I am liking it better, Firstly 1 gets it done. Secondly, I can rinse them and my face after if needed. Third I just toss the dirty ones in the laundry hamper to wash and make a new batch when I run low.  Using this method it will cost me $2.50 Canadian per 30 wipes vs the $10 for the store bought version and I am producing a lot less waste.

I want to play around with some DIY facial wipe recipes to see if I can cut down on buying store bought for these type of situation, but overall the cost is much more reasonable.

Have you tried any DIYs?

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