Tarteist Pro To Go Palette (Tarte)- Fab Fit Fun

Hello Beauties,

I am positive if you read the title then you know I am here to talk about the Tarte brand Tarteist Pro to Go palette that a lot of us received in our fall Fab Fit Fun box. I am going to be honest. When I opened my Fab Fit Fun box and saw this I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Initially to me this was more of a deluxe size sample. A travel palette in shades I already had a million versions of. (I know this is a bit of a stretch but to me it was just another neutral palette). Honestly it got tossed aside into my make up drawer not to be seen again until recently.

A few days ago I was packing my over night bag to stay out for a few days and I was going back and forth between what palette I wanted to bring and also what one I could fit. As I was sifting through the drawer this one fell out from between two larger ones and even though I forgot about it, I was upset I destroyed it without even trying it, or so I thought.

I decided to see how much damage had been done and to my surprise NONE! The more I stopped and looked at the palette the more I realized it had all the colours I needed and was small enough to fit in my makeup bag.  Now true to Tarte fashion this little palette is made with Amazonian Clay and as always is cruelty free. This Is also a bonus as I am trying to buy and use more cruelty free bands so opening a new palette that isn’t, wasn’t an option. (I am re homing almost all my unopened non cruelty free makeup as i find replacements.)

Tarte Sephora sale Unboxing

Tarteist PRO to go Amazonian Clay Palette Zoom in colors

front of palette Tarteist PRO to go Amazonian Clay Palette

I will admit I almost didn’t give this palette a fair chance. However to be fair I also didn’t want to be wasteful and open another palette that would sit and collect dust. The formula of these shadows is beautiful. Highly pigmented, yet almost creamy while being a powder.  They do not crease of move much on my eyelids, but I did use a primer, as i do with all my eye shadow.  As you can see from the swatches below Tarte never fails to deliver.
My only dislike is that the black on the packaging picks up finger prints and any makeup sticks to it like crazy making it look so dirty! Now I will say if you catch it pretty fast you can wipe it clean and problem solved, but that is a very minor downside and more of a personal preference.
 Now I will say I probably would not re-buy this, not for lack of quality, but simply because I do have a lot of other neutral palettes to use up. When it does come time to re-buy I would probably buy a full sized palette to use and try and focus on just using a few.
This palette would be perfect for someone just starting out as you can make some beautiful eye looks and it is very cost friendly compared to a full size. This also works amazing for anyone who needs to take there make up to go on a regular basis.
The reason I don’t recommend it as a back up is just like every other piece of makeup it will go bad at some point after being opened. Most eye shadows are anywhere from 12-24 months recommended to replace and it takes quite a while to use up an eye shadow palette, so you may not get your money worth if its something you will only reach for every few months.
Do you own this palette ? Do you think its a hit? A miss?
Let me know below and tag your blog.

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