January No Buy Update

Hello Beauties,

Well its official we are 1/2 way into February and I think it is safe to update you on my No-Buy for the month of January.

I am officially happy to report that I did not spend any money on beauty products in January. It was a tough month, I am learning why I stopped using some of the products I have. However, I am finding a lot of forgotten gems. I think my next post will be a product empties because I am happy to announce I am actually making a dent in some of my hoarded stash.

As much as I didn’t want to I opted out of the Fabfitfun box, but in hindsight, I am glad I did. I was able to view the product list as my sister in law still has an active subscription, and it would have been more versions of products I already have. I am struggling as it is to finish things off because I have so much of everything. Now is not the time to add more.

I know this post wasn’t very eventful, but it is the entryway to my next post! Empties and who doesn’t love an empties post!

I hope everyone is staying warm in this horrid weather.


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