February Empties

Hello, Beauties,

I can not believe it is already March! I meant to have this post out a few days ago, but I have 2 products that hand about 1 more use left of product in them so I pushed it to the last minute.

I will start off by saying this month had a lot more products used than normal because I attacked a lot of my already half empty bottles. Let us get to it.

  1. First off Salon Pas Pain Patch (40 counts)


I have had these for months! I used to use them all the time when I was a dog groomer, almost to the point of living with them on me. Luckily since I have changed careers and I have a personal tens machine I rarely grab these anymore. I currently have an unopened 10 pack sitting in my drawer for those one-off needs.

Would I buy again? Yes, but it will be a very long time before I rebuy.

2. L’Oreal Total Repair Extreme Shampoo and conditioner

This is one of those products that everyone talked about and I had to try it. Sadly it was not meant for me. Now don’t get me wrong I have dry damaged hair, but this is more like I fried my hair to wet mushy spaghetti shampoo. I found it very heavy and my hair never felt clean using this. I know it has oils and such in it to help with brittle hair, but if your hair is somewhat healthy this may not be a good fit.

Would I buy again? Probably not, or at least I’m hoping I never need to.

3. 7 wonders Acai anti pollution sheet mask. x5

This has been in my collection forever. I bought 20 of these almost a year back. I actually still have a few left in my drawer. I really do like these. They are cool on the skin, lots of serum and have never broken me out. I have TONS of sheet masks so I tend to rotate through them, but I do tend to reach for this one often.

Would I buy again? Yes, but because I have so many sheet masks it will be quite a while before I buy any.

4. Coola Classic sunscreen.

I got this in a Fab Fit Fun box. I honestly love this, I use it as my daily sunscreen. It isn’t oily. Its vegan and cruelty-free. It is also very light on fragrance. I was a little sad when this ran out.

Would I buy again? Sadly no. Yes, I love the product but it is only available in the US and the price is astronomical for sunscreen by the time taxes and shipping hit. I will look for Canadian alternatives.

5. Essence The False Lashes Mascara

I am going to start by saying essence has been a huge hit for me. Cruelty-free. Amazing price point and so far all the products I love. This product is no exception. I bought this as a duo pack promo and I have now finished both. At $3 a piece, I am not even slightly disappointed. Towards the 3 month mark, it did slowly start to dry out, but there is honestly a good chance I left it slightly open at some point. Now the bad news, a lot of essence products here in Canada are LIMITED TIME ONLY… and that was this one…. I understand they can’t keep every product all the time, but essence sells fast here so once it’s gone it’s gone.

Will I buy again? No, it is no longer available in my area.

6.Glue Tape

I use this for crafting and letters. I will explain more in another post. This one, in particular, is not fantastic

Will I buy again? I have about 7 open glue tapes at the moment, so most likely no.

7. Under The Cupboard Potions Unicorn Crap Bath bomb

This is Identical to the shower souffle I love. Here is the link to that post: keep in mind this is vegan, cruelty-free and Canadian artisan made.

Will I buy again? Yes Yes Yes

8. Tartest Pro To Pallet

I had 2 of these and I actually completely finished one. One was a birthday gift and one was from Fab Fit Fun. I did a full review on this palette here:

Will I buy again? I have so many palettes probably not, although this one is a gem.

9. Collagen Gel under eye mask Miniso Brand x6

These are fantastic. I love Miniso. These are priced at 3.99 for a 3 set pack. The help to dramatically depuff your under eye area. They also leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

Will I buy again? Once I have made it through my current stash YES.

WOW. Okay, That was quite a bit of items there. I am not going to lie I will be happy to get rid of all the empty packages I have been storing all month! Do you keep your empties for these types of posts? Link your empties posts below so I can check them out!


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