OGX Bonding Plex Leave In

I use a lot of heat when it comes to styling my hair, and this has resulted in quite a bit of damage and frizziness. I will also admit the bleaching and colouring my hair when I had that obsession with pink did not help. While I have decided to try letting my hair air dry completely and limiting my heat exposure truthfully nothing besides cutting off damaged hair is going to fix it. However, who doesn’t love the idea of a miracle in a bottle… Well, its always worth a shot isn’t it?

So that is where this comes in. It promises to help smooth and strengthen hair that has been damaged and is brittle. Now I honestly do love the scent of this. It is very light, it honestly has that salon conditioner smell, you know the one they all have that just smells light and clean… yea that one.

I will say when I use this product, my hair does feel smoother and softer. It initially feels heavy but as it dries it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. It is a very thick balm.

Overall, this product is ok. It makes my hair a bit better but not enough that I can say “its a merical”. I like the scent and that it is heat protectent, but this definatly doesnt replace a good trim. I will still probably rebuy this as a leavin treatment to help with preventing heat damage.

Have you found that fantastic hair product that you swear replaces a haircut? Please tell me if you have.

Until next time,


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