Dying My Boyfriends Hair- Adore Purple Gem

Hello Lovlies,

I am so excited to post this. I recently went to my local beauty supply to do my hair. Now I am not going to spoil what I did, but I did get some hair dye to try on my boyfriend! Now Chris is a really good sport about it and lets me pick the colours etc without much fuss. So when I saw this colour I just had to try it out.

So currently Chris had teal hair that had grown out and faded dramatically. I was currently lingering more on the green side of things. So we decided to start from scratch.

Step one bleach the roots and bleach out some of the colour that’s left ( we only needed it light enough to cover) for this we used 30 vol, bleach and about 25 min of processing time.

Then came the fun part. After he rinsed his hair we applied the Adore Purple Gem. I am loving this dye! it is a semi-permanent dye with a gel consistency. I was so easy to apply! At first, it was pink looking and then within 5 min, it deepened to purple. We left this on for close to an hour with no heat.

I will 100% be buying this brand again, I am so impressed and it only cost $6!

What do you all think of Chris’ new do?


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