Work Out Wednesday Week 1 Recap

Hello Lovlies!

I am so excited to be posting this. I am so happy with my first official week of Workout wednesdays, This is mostly because I remembered to take some photos so I have somthing to share!

Week one consisted of me going to the gym, nearly dying at the gym I should say. I am so out of shape it is unbelievable. However, even with the struggle, the gym is I made it 3 times! Which is the most I have made it in over a year!

So my biggest problem is lunch. I work in a plaza that has a million food options, so I had to make sure I had lunch available or this would be a huge flop. I also have a crazy carb issue, like all I eat is carbs. I know people say just cut out carbs, but that isn’t going to be happening.

Enter egg noodles…. ummm why haven’t I heard of these before. Healthier and lower calorie! I also happen to love the taste. So for my lunch which is my main carby meal (the others are more fruit and veg based) I used this as my base for my chicken and pasta.

Did I mention I meal prep? Well lovelies, I am going to show you my meal prep and my best day activity wise … yes, I took a screenshot. I can’t wait to tell you all about next week!

all the lunches getting ready to add chicken breast
This was only part of my day

Are any of you on fitness journeys? Link it below!


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