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Athena Cup & Diva Cup

Hello Lovelies,

I have a little bit of a different topic today. The taboo topics of periods, we have them so let’s make living with them a little bit better.

I’m currently on my third period with a menstrual cup. For the first two periods I used a Diva Cup, and for my most recent I am using the Athena Cup. I thought I’d write a little comparison about the two in case you are interested in looking into a menstrual cup. For reference, I use the smaller/pre-childbirth sizes for each one, commonly referred to like a size 1.

Price and availability:

The DivaCup is a widely known brand. It is available in almost all major drug stores here in Canada.The Athena cup, on the other hand, I have only been able to find online through there website and Amazon.

Now for pricing. The Diva Cup here in Canada retails for about $40 at most major drug store chains and online through Amazon it can range from $37-$45 depending on if there is a coupon or not. The Athena, Cup, however, is much less expensive. The Athena Cup is about $20 on Amazon including free shipping via prime.


The Athena comes in a lot of different colors, and in both opaque and clear silicone. (Mine is opaque pink) Even has a black option if you are truly worried about seeing any sort of “staining”.

The Diva only comes in plain clear and a new translucent purple. The Diva is just slightly longer than the Athena by a few millimeters, but they have roughly the same diameter.


The Athena holds 20mL and the Diva holds 30mL. For the Size 1


The DivaCup’s stem is a bit wider and longer than the Athena’s. I personally pinch the base of the cup to remove it. This breaks the seal and makes for easier removal. So I find the slightly shorter steam tactfully easier for me.


The Athena Cup is really soft. Like, REALLY soft. I personally really like this as it makes the cup much more bendable and that makes it much easier to insert. Overall making this much more beginner friendly. When I took the DivaCup out of its box for the first time, I was surprised its a much thicker, firmer silicone and is more resistant to being folded, this can make it a little tricky to you if you are not used to having to hold the cup to insert.


The Diva Cup was the harder of the two for me. I found that I noticed it a lot more once it was inserted and the initial trying to get it folded was almost discouraging.You do have to keep a pretty firm grip on it to keep it from opening up before it’s properly situated (ouch!). However, After the first day or two, this process did get easier and became a little more normal.

While the Athena is thinner and therefore easier to fold, it is defiantly the easier of the two options. I also found the Athena cup being a bit smaller and lighter made it more comfortable to wear while I was adjusting to it.


I can’t feel the Athena Cup at all once it’s been inserted.

I can VERY slightly feel the DivaCup, but it doesn’t hurt or bother me.


This is where the cups tie. I have not had any leaks with either, I do follow the recommended emptying the cups every 8-12 hours or sooner if you are very heavy/ taking any sort of blood thinner (Advil). I do find that even with taking Advil on my heaviest day 8 hours still does not fill the cup. So I can use it all day long without worry.

Anyway, that was more than I ever expected to write about menstrual cups. In conclusion, for me between price, comfort and beginner friendliness I am going to say the Athena cup is the clear winner, however, If you only have access to the Diva Cup, it is still a fantastic product and I have zero regrets about spending money on either product!

Do you use any menstrual cups? Are you thinking about trying it?


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