AOA Wonder Cover Concealer

Good Morning Lovlies,

As you all know I am a big fan of the shopmissa website. They offer cruelty free​ cosmetics for $1 usd​ with $10 on average shipping to canad​a. Even though the shipping is $10 a full face of makeup even with shipping will cost you much less the​​n the drug store and you know you are getting cruelty free. There offers AOA line is ther​e house brand and normally my go to ​h​owever, like every brand there are a few products that just don’t work for me. Their concealer is one of them.

The AOA Wonder Cover Concealer comes in 28 shades, 20 concealer shades and 8 colour correctors. I have 4 of them as I thought they would be great for contouring. The one I got for concealing was the second lightest shade, which is Light Ivory. It is hard to tell what the colour ​is going be from the tube and the online swatches. Light Ivory looks neutral in the tube but is very orange toned. I repeat very orange toned, I have a cool skin tone, this was not like the swatch online. It also dries around two shades darker.

I know this was only $1 USD​, it dries so darkly ​and orange toned it is not natural. The other problem being it tends to crack under the eyes and is not easy to blend. If you do want to give it a try ​I have a couple of tips:

  1. Have well moisturized skin and some sort of base on (primer serum etc)
  2. Only apply small amounts and blend quickly, you can always add more
  3. Buy a few shades lighter then you think you need, It will dry darker.

I do not recommend using tis for cut crease eye looks as it does contain mineral oil, not fantastic for senstive skin areas.

I personally wouldn’t buy this product again, as I have found another curtly free concealer I like by essence. However just because this product didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

Do you lovelies have any plans for summer makeup looks?

Any cruelty free products you are loving?


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