The Hardest Change is a Lifestyle Change

Hi everyone and welcome back.
This is a different kind of post for work out Wednesday. As you may remember 3 weeks ago I started my lifestyle change.

I have learned a lot these last 3 weeks, firstly being that you can’t cut everything out, it doesn’t work. So I am still going to eat chocolate and chips but I’m going to eat them in moderation. I’m not going to eat 1 chocolate bar a day, but then again if I want 2 in a week I will have it.

The main part of this fitness journey is losing the bit of extra weight I have gained and getting to overall better health.

If you have read my blog before you know I bought the body boss workout book and I have a basic gym package.  So 3 to 4 times a week I will be doing some form of a workout. I started pre-training last week, but I will repeat that week again this week as I didn’t have a yoga mat or good support shoes so I found my self  spending a lot of time adjusting thing vs working out.

I’m going to document my fitness journey here on my blog as well as on my Instagram. You are more then welcome to follow me and to share your links with me if you are on a fitness journey as well! I am in no way a personal trainer or even someone who could advise someone about what to do at the gym so that is definitely not something I’m going to do, I’m just going to share my journey, progress, the ups and the downs.

Let’s get healthy in 2019.



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