AOA silicone sponge review

Hello Beauties, This is one of those trends I never thought I would review..silicone sponges to apply makeup. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not that I didn’t think it could work, but I have dozen of brushes and dozens of makeup sponges in all shapes and sizes. I wasn’t about to spend tons of money on another makeup applicator. Since making its appearance almost every single brand under the sun has decided to jump on board and create their version just in case it takes off as the Beauty Blender did. So when I saw it was on ShopMissA for $1 I figured I would give it a try. Sponges work so well to apply makeup because they work with the dampness in them to sheer out the foundation and slightly airbrush it on application. Even though I was very skeptical about it, I did try it out with an open mind. Honestly, you never know until you try. The Silicone applicator itself was very pretty. I was clear with glitter, it was a little weird because the product almost looks like it has been laminated with 2 thin layers of plastic (you do not remove these they are sealed). I tried this sponge out but using it to apply foundation, concealer, powder and primer. For the primer, I found that it worked great. It spread it out beautiful and I personally just used swiping motions, almost like I was painting it on to apply everything. Next up was the foundation. I hated this, I couldn’t get it to work for me for the foundation. It states to use less than you normally would and spread via circular motions to apply. I found myself using more product just to get it to spread evenly and even then it applied cakey and it was very obvious. Concealer.. so I definitely don’t recommend this for liquid products. We will leave it at that. Lastly powder, it works amazingly good for this. If you want full coverage, even and not a lot of fall out this is you go to. it gives a nice even layer especially if you pat it in using pressing motions. Oh, I should probably mention clean up! This is another area the sponge shines, because it is silicone a quick rinse and pat dry and it is good to go or u can wash with a bit of soap. I don’t think this is the best product for me, I don’t use a lot of powder products and I didn’t love it for liquids, however for the person who uses a lot of powders or needs something super quick to clean this would be a massive hit. If you are on the fence you can scoop one up for as little as $1.50 Canadian to try, I would advise avoiding higher pricetag ones until you know for sure if you like it. Over all its about a 5/10 for me, but if I was a powder product user I feel like it would have rated it higher. Is it something you would try? Till next time

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