How To Clean a Menstrual Cup

Hello Beauties

Since I posted about switching to the Athena Cup I have received a few messages asking how do I deal with long term staining. I am going to be honest I have had my cup only about 6 months so this isnt an issue I was to worried about. Also I personaly dont care about a bit of discolouration, but I wanted to see if I could make it like new.

So if you want to make your cup look like new here is what you will need!

-A glass jar that you can close (a baby food jar will work)
-Peroxide 3% (if you can only find 6% you will need filtered or bottled water)
-Your cup
-A dark cool spot

I bought everything I needed at my local dollar store. In total I spent $5.00 CND, but that is because I bought a more expensive jar.

Here is my cup to begin with, there is some staining, but it isn’t to bad. It really didnt bother me, but if your staining is worse then this you will may need to do this process more then once.


Ok, So above is everything I used now keep in mind if you have 6% you will need to used filtered or bottle water to dilute it down to 3%, 3% peroxoide will lift out the stains and clean your cup but it will not ruin the silicone. It is just a 50% water and 50% peroxide mixture to make 3% if you have 6%.

Place the cup in the jar and fill with 3% peroxide.

Now for the longest part once the jar is filled and you make sure the cup is completely submerged close the lid and place in a cool dark spot. I ususly just place it in the cupboard under my sink. Just let it sit for 2 days. Once the 48 hours is up drain the peroxide rinse and repeat if nessicary. The peroxide really doesn’t work past 48 hours.

Below is my result with only one round. I am pretty happy with it.

It was amazing to see it look like new again, I have already made back my money on this cup a few times over, and while I am not the type to get rid of it just because it doesnt look like new, but it is nice to know it doesnt have to look “used” hahahaha.

I really hope this helps some of you!

Let me know if you try it out, how it works.


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