How I Healed My Sun Burn DIY Aloe Mask

Hi Beauties,

This post is very exciting. I am not excited about the sun burn, but I am excited that I am able to heal it well.

So firstly this is in no was advocating to go get burnt! Sun burns are serious and can do a lot of harm.

Burn phase 1

So I decided to help my future mother in law in the garden, I love nature and gardening. How ever even with sunscreen 3 hours in the sun and I was burnt it was so painful.

As most people know aloe is great for burns, but the problem is it is hard to apply and keep on, this diy mask helped me apply a think layer without it falling off or dripping!

You will need compressed sheet masks, these are available in many colours they are thin and breathable and they are so cheap. A pack of 40 cost 2.99 Canadian at Miniso, but I know other places carry them every cheaper! and of course aloe.

Now when it comes to aloe you have 2 options, the stuff you can find at the drug store ($5.99-$7.99) its quick and convent, but most of the time it isn’t pure aloe. The other option is the one I prefer wich is the leaf. You can buy an XL aloe leaf for $1.99 at most asain and indian groceries. All you have to do is cut it open (i trim the sides) remve the top layer and scoop the jelly (i use a spoon) then i blend the jelly and store in the fridge. Now true aloe will go bad but I have kept it for 45 days in the fridge.

Now for the hard part (haha) place one sheet mask in the aloe. I go shower and wash my hair. Then remove the mask (it will have expanded). Lightly press to between fingers to remove excess and apply to face.

I did this twice a day (morning and evening for 3 days) I would leave the mask on until it was almost fully dry. By the second day there was no pain from the burn. On the morning of day 4 the burn was almost completely gone and the skin really didn’t peel like my bad burns have in the past.

I can defiantly say I am happy with the results.

I also think I am going to experiment with the compressed sheet masks. I do have about 20 or so left and I have had them over a year so I may as well use them.

You have any tricks for faster healing


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