Crest – Influenster Box

Good Morning,

I don’t know if you have herd of a company called influenster. They are a company that you sign up for free and submit reviews of products you love or love to hate. In return you have a chance to get free sample products to review.

I personally have been a member for almost two years and up until now I have never received anything. I am going to be honest, I never joined expecting to get anything, I joined s I could see how others liked certain products before spending my hard earned money.

I ended up getting contacted to fill out a survey to see if I would qualify to try out different crest products, I was interested so why not.

So I tend to whiten my teeth 2-3 times a year with white strips. I tend to buy whatever is on sale at that time and It is usury before a big event,

When the box arrived I was kind of excited to see a whitening product, They not tell you exactly what is coming it is always a bit f a surprise, They do tell you that something is on the way.

I got in between whitening maintenance!

I was very excited. Not only was it a full size product, but it was fully somethingI could use. I already whiten, but something to help maintain it is fantastic for me.

Now this comes with strips like the whitening ones and need to be worn for one hour at a time, I was a little off put by this at fist, but I typically whiten my teeth before bed so I decided to do the same with this.

When the box says no slip they mean it, they stick to your teeth and do not move. I found this made them a lot easier for me to wear cause I could lay down and read a book and didn’t need to worry about having to adjust the strips.

I have the strips on in this photo

The only thing is if the whitening strips make you salivate more on the first few days of wearing them (normal because it something sitting in your mouth) this will too. I did find however after day 2 it was a lot better as it had become more “normal”.

I have not done 7 days so far and I’m super happy with the results. No sensitivity which is huge for me and my teeth are actually looking whiter. I don’t think I am going need the full treatment and may just keep the extra strips for next month, but if I had heavier staining I think I would get it off with this,

I took the time to look and it seems average retail for this is $28 Canadian which is about half the cost of the normal whitening kit.

My final thoughts 9/10. I would buy this product, I will buy this product. It’s effective, cost efficient and better for your teeth then monthly whitening. However it is such a big box for a few sachets and I would love to see less packaging being used.

Once again please keep in mind this was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, Meaning I didn’t pay for it but if it was bad you would be reading it!

Well guys I am still away for my job but I wanted to make sure I was still active and posting. I hope you all are doing well and I cant wait to tell you all about my 2 weeks here, but that’s another post for another day.


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